Quasi-Periodic Oscillations and Time Variabilities of Accretion Flows
November 20 - 22, 2007

Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics room K206, Kyoto, JAPAN

Objective of
the meeting:
Time variabilities of accretion powered sources such as black hole candidates give us clues to study physical processes ongoing near the central, gravitating object. Quasi-periodic oscillations (QPOs) sometimes found in these sources are particularly important because they enable us to study these objects by seismological methods.
In black hole candidates, high frequency QPOs sometimes show twin peaks whose frequency ratio is 3:2. These QPOs may be related to the oscillations of black hole accretion disks. By understanding the physical mechanism which excite such QPOs, we will be able to measure the mass and spin of the black hole.
This workshop brings together researchers who are interested in time variabilities of accretion powered sources and interchange ideas from observational, theoretical and/or numerical viewpoints. We are going to discuss the physical mechanism of QPOs and other time variabilities such as 1/f noise-like X-ray fluctuations and X-ray/IR/radio flares, and the relation between QPOs and state transitions.
Ryoji Matsumoto (Chiba Univ., Chair), Shoji Kato (Kyoto Univ. Emeritus), Shin Mineshige (Kyoto Univ.), Jun Fukue (Osaka Kyoiku Univ.), Mami Machida (NAOJ), Hiroshi Oda (Chiba Univ.)

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