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Astrophysics Laboratory, Department of Physics,
Faculty of Science, Chiba University,
1-33 Yayoi-chou, Inage-ku, Chiba 263-8522, Japan
TEL: 043-290-3720
FAX: 043-290-3721

The map of Nishi-Chiba camppus

Fac. of Sci. Bldg. -2
From the center gate : 8-minute walk, from the south gate : 9-minute walk.


Traffic Information

From Tokyo Station You can take the Sobu line rapid service at the Sobu underground platform. Plase change train at Inage Station to "yellow train" for Chiba, and get off at Nishi-Chiba Station.
From Narita Airport The easiest way to visit Chiba University is using Narita International Airport. At the airport, you can find Narita Airport Station. or Airport Terminal 2 Station of JR line. Please take a rapid train (1 train/hour) for Tokyo, Zushi, Yokosuka, or Kurihama, change to "yellow train" at Chiba Station, and get off at Nishi-Chiba Station.

Access Map


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