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This FLASH version of english page is conected to Japanease astro/space simulators. If you want to connect to English version of Astrophysical Simulater, please try English HTML version of Astrophysical Simulator.

For Astro/Space phenomena, of which we can not examine by direct experiment, it is very efficient to numerically solve equations which describes the corresponding phenomenon. Hence, we construct an Astro/Space Simulator as the product of ACT-JST project "Development of Space Simulation Net Laboratory System". By this simulator, we construct and maintain code library and provide a virtual laboratory by which one can simulate, analyze, and visualize the phenomena through network. We also provide a summer school for graduate students and researchers and create an opportunity to extend our research fields.

  • In this site, you can browse some pictures and movies of the results of Space simulation. When you crick upper right part of the map, you can get the results of Astrophysics. When yuo crick lower left part of the map, you can get the results of Space Plasma.

  • Please see Project Outline page for summer school and research.

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Netlaboratory Team (PI: Ryouji Matumoto, Hiroshi Matsumoto)